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The ABC Machinery advantages:
  • No.1 market share in China, more than 170 wood pellet plants running in southeast China, convenient for your on-site investigation.
  • 10 patents innovation technology guarantees the quality of every equipment of the biomass pellet projects for customers, e.g. the smart cooling system, the 3 cylinder dryer, etc.
  • Cooperate with Tsinghua University, the highest college in China, and supported by Ministry of Agriculture.
  • ABC Machinery biomass pellet mill is practically proven to make pellets from the following materials: dry sawdust, wet sawdust, logs, bamboo powder, wet bamboo shavings, canola, corn stalk, and cotton bar, straw, rice husk, bagasse, palm pomace and MDF powder.
  • The highest capacity of 150,000 t/y is realized.
  • 24 hours nonstop lubrication, less man-hours, more output.
  • The patented cooling system extends the service time of roller bearing up to 70% more.
  • PLC intelligent control, smart, and reliable.
  • 30% energy saving than other Chinese competitors.
  • We use the world advanced gear drive transmission technology, which is also adopted by other world leading wood pellet plant provider, such as CPM, etc.
Who we are:

ABC Machinery is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production of wood pellet lines (such as sawdust pellet line, straw pellet line, etc), providing with you with complete turn-key project services including consultancy, design, manufacture, installation,spare parts, maintenance, etc. READ MORE.


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