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ABC Machinery Ring Die Pellet Mill with Model 508

Model:      508 

Capacity: 1.5-2 t/h

Size:         1200 x 2990 x 2410 (W x L x H)

Power:     110KW



The ABC Machinery Ring Die Pellet Mill is the perfect solution for your pelletizing needs. Being the main machine in a complete biomass pellet line, it is important for you to choose a high quality and efficient pellet press with a reliable ring die, which is the main component of this machine.

The ABC Machinery Ring Die Pellet Mill is made from 4Cr13 high-chromium alloy, processed by high temperature vacuum quenching

The average production capacity is 1000-1200 tons during a ring die service lifetime, whereas the maximum capacity can be up to 1800 tons.

Even though the power of the traditional ring die pellet mill in China’s market is 132KW, ABC Machinery is able to reduce the power consumption by adapting it to 110KW, which optimizes its energy efficiency while ensuring a stable performance and the same pellet output. According to our calculations, the 110KW ABC Machinery 508 Ring Die Pellet Mill saves up to 5% energy for each ton of pellets produced.

The ABC Machinery Ring Die Pellet Mill comes with the following features and advantages for your convenience:

Common pellet sizes of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12 mm are available to meet your different requirements.
  • High-precision gear transmission is used for the main driver, increasing 20% transmission efficiency compared to belt transmission! Read more about gear transmission vs belt transmission.
  • German FAG imported bearings and oil seal give the ABC Machinery Ring Die Pellet Mill a higher efficiency, stability and lower noise.
  • International standard serpentine spring coupler inside, compact, safe and less machinery failure.
  • Strengthened high-chromium alloy and heat treatment is used for main working parts to meet the requirements for pressing hard material, such as hard wood species.
  • 10 patented innovation technologies are applied to the ABC Machinery Ring Die Pellet Mill, solving the problem of die cracks, low output and short service time, which frequently occur in the pelletizing industry. Learn more about ABC Machinery patented technology.
  • The special lubrication system allows you to lubricate the machine while it is still working.
  • It is also equipped with an air cooling system.
  • Stable output and low energy consumption.
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