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Grease Injector for Lubrication in Biomass Pellet Line

Grease injector

As you know, the traditional manual lubricating process always results in waste, like labor waste, grease waste or, even worse, it will cause equipment damage or high maintenance costs due to inaccurate injection or untimely maintenance.

In the ABC Machinery biomass pellet plant, we use the automatic grease injector to save energy and time. This grease injection system is especially designed for bearings of roller in ring die pellet mill, lubricating with calcium base grease or lithium base grease for the most.

It features in high automaticity, easy operation, saving time and labor, what’s more and more impressively important is it can greatly save grease! In accordance with the real statistics for ABC Machinery, after using the automatic grease injector, you can save 44% grease on average, which means a huge cost down on maintenance as well as a longer service time for the roller.

Grease injector
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