Wood Pellet Guide

3+ T/H Wood Pellet Line and Straw Pellet Line

If your location allows you to collect and store large quantities of material, we definitely suggest you to choose this plant even if you need a higher investment, as we can guarantee you a profitable economic return.

  • The output can reach 20 t/h, which means 150,000 t/y. No matter what output quantity is required, we can help you according to your requirements.
  • This large biomass pellet line is the preferred choice for our international customers. Check out the project list to see some examples of pellet plants that we have previously installed. 
  • The modular, replicated parallel design, PLC control and steam-line production allow high efficiency and prevent equipment failure.


Project description:

Both the power and the capacity (above 3 t/h) are designed as per your requirements.


The 3D model layout for biomass pellet plant with capacity of +3 t/h

Your biomass pellets will be produced with this process flow:

Conveyors (x sets) → sieves (x sets) → large drier (x sets, not necessary if the raw material has a fine moisture) →temporary feed storage → lifter → feed distribution system → screw feeder (x sets) → ring die pellet mill (model 420 or 508, x sets) → long conveyor → larger cooler → silo → automatic weighting system.

In this project, we will also provide you with the following facilities based on your requirements:

Electric control system, cooling system for ring die pellet mill, cooling system ventilation, dedustor, iron removal system.


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