Wood Pellet Guide

ABC Machinery Cooler is Cooling Pellets with Higher Efficiency

What’s the function of a cooler in a biomass pellet line?

Right after being pressed by the ring die pellet mill, the pellets are soft and hot and they release water vapor. Therefore, before usage or storage, it is necessary to cool hot pellets down to a lower temperature.



The ABC Machinery counterflow brings you a better cooling experience with a specially designed process:

The hot pellets are fed into the cooling chamber, filing evenly onto the turning plates that are placed in parallel. Once the material piling touches the upper lever sensor, the plates turn to release the pellets in the bottom to drop through gap to the discharger. While the machine keeps on feeding, the pellets in the cooling chamber fall down slowly, until the pellets level drops under the lower sensor and the plates reset. The new pellets are fed into the cooler and the above steps start over again.


In the discharging period, the pellets drop slowly downwards, while the cool air generated by the fan blows upwards. Heat exchange takes place in the counterflow, with the air becoming hot when meeting the pellets on top. In this way, the cooler pellets at the bottom exchange heat with cooler air and the hotter pellets on the top exchange heat with hotter air. This smart design is significant in reducing the temperature difference between the hot pellets and the cool air. ABC Machinery has tested many times to prove that if pellets are cooled in a drastic temperature change, then the water inside evaporates fast, the pellets are easy to crack, and the lignin cannot solidify properly, resulting in pellets with poor rigidity.

For sake of quality pellets, ABC Machinery cooler will help you avoid any headaches, giving you a hard, smooth, shining, and COOOOL pellets!