Wood Pellet Guide

What is RDF?


Refuse Derived Fuel, shorted as RDF, is a new solution to the above problems, which means to process the household refuse with pretreating technology and mold technology into combustible solid fuel. Nowadays it has been applied into practice in household refuse treatment project and energy recycled project.

The RDF processing system consists of the fragmentized separation subsystem and molding subsystem. The RDF processing technology is adopted to make the household refuse crushed, separated the combustible materials from others, and then molded into RDF pellets with necessary additives. The advantages of RDF pellets are uniform size, balanced heat value content which is 4 times higher than that of the unprocessed, convenient to be transported, easy to be kept for 6-10 months with no decay under the normal temperature, which means the refuses can be stored in the form of pellets in order to solve the problem of refuse treatment in the shutdown times of boiler and/or in the peak hours of refuses generation. During processing, addictives are added to the boiler in order to remove the SO2,HCl and doxin-like chemicals .

The research of RDF started earlier in the West and has been widely applied in countries such as United States, Japan, etc, which made the industry to be commercialized. United States is the earliest country that generated power from the RDF,37 generating stations constructed so far, taking 21% of the refuse generating station. In the state of Virginia, around 2000 t household refuses are used to generate power daily. In 1990s, Japan has begun to encourage and support RDF technology introduction and related R&D work. In recent years, dozens of large scale enterprises in Japan have invested largely in the R&D work on RDF technology.

In the early of 2012, ABC Machinery has Professor Piao Guilin, from the thermal energy engineering department of Nanjing Normal University, joined our team and establishes cooperation relation with the department to further the development of RDF technology concerning pelletization, combustion, and industry projects. Professor Piao Guilin has been in charge of a large scale research and development project on RDF fluidized bed combustion technology in 2005 for the Japan’s Aichi World Expo, the completion of which honored 3 national patents.