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Magnetic Separator in Wood Pellet Line

Magnetic separator

Why do you need a magnetic separator for making biomass pellets?

In most cases, a magnetic separator is not necessary. However, if your material comes from a furniture factory, there will be iron scrap and iron nails mixed. Before making pellets, you should think over how to pick up all the iron pieces out of the material in order to avoid any hidden danger in pelletizing. ABC Machinery takes work safety seriously, so we can provide the magnetic separator for you whenever necessary.


Working principle of magnetic separator:

The arc type permanent magnet is fixed to the shaft. The iron pieces are absorbed by the magnet and rotating along with the shaft; when the iron pieces are brought to the bottom of the magnet cylinder, they escape from the magnetic field and then drop to a container. The whole magnetic separation process finishes.

What are the advantages of the ABC Machinery Magnetic Separator?

1. The permanent magnet source comes from Ncl-Fe-B, which is well known as the King Magnet, with a strong magnet field and absorption
2. Maintenance-free, energy saving and safe
3. The size of inlet can be regulated, suitable for different materials
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