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ABC Machinery Hammer Mill Turns Wood Chips, Barks, Straws or Biomass Waste into Finer Pieces

Hammer mill



The ABC Machinery Hammer Mill is a regular equipment for crushing materials such as wood chips, barks, straws or biomass waste into finer pieces. Depending on the size of your raw materials and the requirements of your project, you can choose from several models of our hammer mills and other crushing equipments. Let us know your needs and we will find the perfect solution for you.

The ABC Machinery Hammer Mill is steel plant welded; both the motor and rotor are assembled at the same base and transmitted by direct pin coupling. The rotor, which is dynamic balance tested, can work both in forward and reverse way. The safe locking device avoids any unexpected door opening during running.

The feed inlet at the top makes it possible to match with any type of feeding equipment.

The hammer blades are symmetrical arranged.

Other features: reasonable structure, compact, reliable safety, easy installation, little vibration, high productivity

 NOTE: the size of material < 3mm is the most preferred to the biomass pellet mill.

Model SDF-65*40 SDF-65*60 SDF-112*40 SDF-112*60
Main shaft speed (rpm) 2900 2900 1450 1450
Hammer blade(piece) 54 72 90 160
Power(KW) 37 55 90-110 130*160
Capacity(t/h) 2-5 3-8 6-8 8-25



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