Wood Pellet Guide

4-5 ton sawdust and wood shaving pellets in Vietnam

The project is located in Hoi Chi Minh, Vietnam where landscape is beautiful and pellets industry is getting prosperous.

According to our client requests, the pellet plant is designed for making pellets with the raw materials such as sawdust and shavings. The productivity of the production line is 4-5 tons per hour including pre-pretreatment system, cooling system, sieving system and pelletizing system. The whole line is installed with the machines such as separator bin, 1.5 ton per hour pellet mill with ABC Machinery 508 ring die, cooler, sieving machine. This is the first pellet plant for our customer. If this plant works well, he will develop another large scale pellet plant for processing different raw materials.


In the time of energy crisis, it is wise to start business in biomass energy pellets, which is green, sustainable and promising. If you are planning to start your pellets business, please feel free to contact us who are ready to serve you to provide free consultation and give you the most suitable project design for you.