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  • 1. Nanjing Pellet Mill Co., Ltd takes the largest Chinese market share and has over 40 production lines in the southeast coastal cities and inland cities in China, convenient to conduct on-site investigation.
  • 2. We are the first biomass pellet plant manufacturing enterprise, with more than 10 years working experience in the field, in close partnership with the top Chinese university, Tsinghua University, and building a intimate cooperation relation with Chinese Ministry of Agriculture.
  • 3. Innovation and know-how. Our company possesses ten patented technologies.
  • 4. Our products can be used for the pelletizaion of a wide range of raw materials. Our company masters the mature pelletizing technology for the following materials: dry sawdust, wet sawdust, logs, bamboo powder, wet bamboo shavings, canola, corn stalk, and cotton bar, straw, rice husk, bagasse, palm pomace and MDF powder. Our company studies the performing difference of various raw materials during pelletization continuously, takes various raw materials into countless experiments and finally realizes the recycling of different biomass materials, with the highest productivity of 150,000 t/y.
  • 5. Pellets mills can be lubricated while operating 24 hours non-stop.
    The new lubrication device delivers the oil to the main shaft through the delivery pipe by taking the advantage of the flowing nature of oil, making shaft balls access the oil fully, improving the lubrication environment, meanwhile no pollution is caused to the oil in the chamber of pellets mill main body. And an oil cup is set outside at the end of the main shaft, where the flowing of the oil can be observed.
  • 6. The pellet machines adopt the air cooling system, the national patented technology, which lengthens their working life for 70%.
    The self-innovated biomass pellet mills adopt the air cooling system, in which the flowing air is used to cool down the temperature in the pelletizing chamber, remove the impurities and dusts produced during pelletization and recycle the raw material powder, saving the cost, lengthening pellets mills service life and improving the pellets productivity, which is a breakthrough in the field.
  • 7. PLC is adopted, making the auto control possible, endowing the pellet mills with the advantage of high reliability, wide application range, simple operation, low labor cost.
  • 8. Comparing with competitors in the field in china, the energy consumption of our products are 30% lower than others. (patent)
  • 9. The pellet mill products adopt world advanced gear power transmission technology (which is also used by CPM),comparing with belt power transmission technology, theworking efficiency getting 15% up, while the attrition 30% down;

The advantages of gear power transmission technology: ① ensure a constant instantaneous transmission ratio, higher stability, and accurate and reliable transmission; ② have a wide range of power and speed selection; ③ possess compact structure and reliable working performance, making high transmission ratio possible; ④enjoy high transmission efficiency and long serves life; ⑤ require a higher manufacture and installation standards.