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1.Disassembling and installing device for biomass pellet mill rollers

The disassembling and installing device is designed with a simple but delicate structure, compact volume, made from sturdy and durable materials, making the installing and disassembling of the roller standard easier, faster and convenient. The lifting-jack in the invented device can press the shaft into the roller, with uniform pressure, causing no deviation, making the installation accurate while preventing the roller from harm because of hammering.

2.Forged synthesis shaft

The forged synthesis shaft is designed with two circular arc shape shaft heads, enlarging the joint surface between shaft heads and roller seat, keeping the two shaft heads transmit balanced pressure at same time to the roller, preventing the machines and accessories from damage to a larger extent.

3.Double ring dies with interference fit joint

Our patent innovation can strengthen the fatigue strength of the ring die when producing the wood pellet or other kinds of pellets, keeping it from breakage and ensuring a longer serving life.

4. Air cooling and dedusting system

The self-innovated biomass pellet mills adopt the air cooling and dedusting system, in which the flowing air is used to cool down the temperature in the pelletizing chamber, remove the impurities and dusts produced during pelletizing and recycle the raw material power expelled out accidently, saving the cost, lengthening pellets mills services life and improving the pellets productivity, which is a breakthrough in the pellet making field.

5.Ring die broaching machine

The ring die broaching machine makes the operation handle cooperate with the drill perfectly and stably, insuring the broaching of the ring die have high efficiency, accuracy, and stability, but with low time and energy consumption.

6.Belt conveyor

The advantages of the innovated belt conveyor are as follow: (1) Furbelow shape keep-off edges cooperate with the baffle board to meet the requirements of horizontal conveying, slant conveying and other combined conveying, with the slope and angle being set according to the requirements, solving the problem of conveying with the angle below 45 degrees, and the largest angle being 55 degrees. (2) The furbelow shape keep-off edges can prevent damages and tears to happen when the conveying angle changes. The baffle can prevent the sliding of the goods, improving the convey efficiency. (3) The rubber keep-off edges and the rubber baffle have good ductility, insuring a longer serving life.

7. Rotary dryer

The innovated rotary dryer has low energy consumption, stable power transmission, and good drying effect.

8. The oil adding device

The new lubrication device delivers the oil to the main shaft through the delivery pipe by taking the advantage of the flowing nature of oil, making shaft balls access the oil fully, improving the lubrication environment, meanwhile no pollution is caused to the oil in the chamber of pellets mill main body. And an oil cup is set outside at the end of the main shaft, where the flowing of the oil can be observed.

9. Silo

The feeding device is installed to the silo, which can automatically convey the raw materials into the feeding hopper smoothly, evenly and stably, preventing from bridge and block effectively.

10.Slice pulverizer

The newly developed slice pulverizer has the following benefits: (1) A machine has the two functions of slicing and pulverizing, with low equipments cost and use cost, but high performance cost. (2) At the end of the main shaft is a cutter head, where the raw materials conveyed through the side feed inlet are sliced or pulverized by the blades according to requirements.

  • air-cooling-and-dedusting-system
  • automatic-drilling-machine-for-ringdie
  • dismounting-tool-for-roller
  • dismounting-tool-for-shaft
  • door-locking-mechanism-for-pressing-chamber
  • drum-dryer-with-checking-window
  • drum-dryer-with-discharging-conveyor
  • dual-structure-ringdie-with-interference-fit
  • high-speed-ventilation-cooling-&-conveying-system
  • hole-enlarging-machine
  • hole-wall-finisher
  • hybrid-flexible-scraper-conveyor
  • induction-heater-for-ringdie
  • integrated-set-of-cooling-and-sieving
  • lubrication-&-checking-unit-in-pressing-chamber
  • lubrication-system-for-main-shaft
  • magnetic-separator
  • patented-belt-conveyer
  • patented-cooler
  • patented-drum-dryer-of-new-generation
  • patented-drum-dryer
  • patented-forged-shaft
  • patented-stock-silo-of-new-generation
  • patented-stock-silo
  • patented-wood-chipper
  • pnuematic-anti-clogging-cooling-system-for-ringdie