Wood Pellet Guide

What is biomass fuel?


Biomass fuel, shortened as BMF, is a newly developed green and environment-friendly solid energy. It makes the best use of forestry and agricultural residues such as straws, sawdust, bagasse, rice husk, etc, as raw materials to be processed by the production technology of pulverization, dehydration, and compaction into solid energy products - such as pellets - that can be combusted in a biomass burner.

Even though the research of BMF originated in Europe, BMF won the increasing attention worldwide with the continuous development of biomass fuel industry. Since the beginning of this century, China has been introducing new biomass fuel production technologies and stepping up efforts to the BMF development and research, combining the local production of biomass fuel equipment and facilities with the use of key international standard technology. With the progressive depletion of fossil fuels such as gasoline and coal, the rising of biomass fuel as a new energy resource will be definitely the choice of the post-gasoline generation.

Biomass pellet fuel as a kind of high quality green energy is widely used in various industries. Due to their advantages of high density, high heat value, uniform shape, good mobility, and easy control over combustion, pellet fuel is used in many industries to efficiently lower production costs and energy consumption by replacing the fossil fuel industrial boilers with pellet fuel boilers and installing professional pellet combustion equipment.